5 Things to Know Before You Buying a Wood Burning Stove

It is efficient to remember a few points beforehand purchasing a wood burning stove. The first and foremost is the woodstove types are to be noted, fireplaces insert, boiler, Franklin stove, rocket mass heater, many more each one differs in the location of set-up and the amount of use. Smokeless stoves had to be used for less creosote accumulation, the chimney cap, and material used. It must be easy to remove ash bins. Enough space between furnaces and furniture.

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What is the size of the chimney, stoves installations? Definitely it should be a relaxing room temperature of around 21ºC when the external air temperature is at freezing (0ºC) required around 1kW of heat output for 14 m3 of space. The need may be an enormous range, but it is better to conserve creosote formation. Heat loss had to be less on both insides, outside the burning.

The fuel must be less when the effectiveness of the  higher. The fuel consumption must also be less. This fuel emission is calculated by DEFRA exempted. To make the deposition of the residue in a lesser amount, the DEFRA favours UK people select the wooden burning stove accordingly.

In the UK, there are smoke restricted areas, thus, these DEFRA, DIC will all be favouring such locality people to check out and purchase the wooden burning stove London aptly.

The stove must be controlled automatically for better efficiency than manual. This favours economy and continuous flame must be produced to maintain the temperature.

The airwash mechanism must be favourable to prevent soot formation on the surfaces of stove and chimney services. The glass that is present along the stove diverts the soot by burning sooty particles through the hot air down along the front surface. Albeit the dry woods must be used sometimes, we try with wet woods still the temperature is dropping and the adeptness reduces drastically.

Heat retention must always be goods as the stove must retain the heat even after a few seconds of cutting out the flame.

All these lines indicate only five things

  • Fuel used- dry wood.
  • Effectiveness of heat
  • DEFRA rates
  • DCI
  • Adequate area of space

Cost less

If the above factors are satisfied, then, the wood stoves can be checked for cost effectiveness plays the final also most important part of buying the wooden stoves. Compare the brands and then purchase the correct quantity of the stove that is apt for your requirement. Never let loose on any points for a better selection of wooden stoves.

As for how you prefer specific branding from clothes to house these also must be crystal clear before and after selecting the burning stoves without any kind of hassle. Always remember to have an eye wink over it while using and do regular maintenance works for every six months to once a year by proper company people.

Always earlier knowledge of such goods has been very good both for you and the buyer.

How You Can Save Money on Your Heating Bills with Wood Burning Stoves?

Owning a nice stove model in your home is a great achievement and worthwhile investment. When out there looking for the best stove design to purchase, it is advisable to choose wood stoves. Well-designed fireplaces or stoves will add value and warmth to your house. It’s also a great area where you can relax and entertain yourself or guests as you sip your favorite cocktail. Summer is usually the best time to perfect the state of your fireplaces. Many homeowners prefer wood burning stoves than designs that use gas. However, you have to go for the best design in the market and one that will satisfy your needs.

Warm Up Your Home with Wood Stoves
Many people find it daunting to choose home heating solutions. At all times, you have to go for a heating option that will save you extra money when it comes to fuel cost. Choosing wood stoves is a wise decision to make. There are notable features that attract many people to wood burning stoves. If you put these wood stove features into consideration, you will find a design for you and your family. When looking for wood stoves, look at the money aspect all the time and you will not regret. Wood is readily available and costs less than electricity and other fuels. You can buy wood from dealers at affordable rates. With wood burning stoves, you just need to heat areas that you are using and save more on areas that you or your family is not using.

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If you are yearning for comfort and better ambiance while relaxing at home, wood stoves provide best solutions. The radiant heat of wood stove heats up your home in a way that hot air systems cannot. Wood keeps your house warm throughout as you determine the amount of wood to burn and warm up the house. The green aspect of wood burning stove is another feature to consider. Whenever you are using heating appliance back in your home, never assume their effects to the environment. It does not matter whether you are choosing between fireplaces and stoves, you have to consider how the burning material impacts the environs. Burning wood is environment-friendly and carbon-neutral. Wood stove emits less carbon monoxide and cuts the danger of in-house pollution as they effectively emit gases through stovepipe.

While using a wood stove, you have to pay much attention to how you handle the burning stove. Your safety and that of your family is crucial. Creosote clogs inside a chimney and may lead to fires especially if you have a fireplace in your home. And so, you have to clean and inspect your chimney or stovepipe regularly and keep it in the best condition. Seek proficient stove installation services and ensure your wood burning stove is operating as expected.

With a nice wood stove, you will heat up your house even when there is no power. More so, today’s wood stoves and other wood heating appliances are designed to add beauty to homes. A quality wood stove can give your home a new look. There are many companies selling wood burning stoves, but you have to go for the best. It is advisable to research and consult thoroughly before purchasing your stoves London.

How to Choose the Best Wood Stoves in London

Popularity of fireplaces in London homes has increased greatly over the years. Fireplaces are key elements in a living room. They help keep your home warm and provide better surface for cooking, heating and other domestic uses. Your home will be more amazing and warm all day through especially if you own wood stoves. Demand for stoves has increased over the years due to the increasing cost of fuel to heat homes. Wood stoves are considered by many home owners has economical and eco-friendly. Wood is renewable and budget friendly and it is a worthy investment to pick the best wood stoves.

Wood Stove
Wood Stove

Choosing the best wood burning stoves in London is not as easy as you may think. With so many stoves companies in London to choose from, conduct extensive research and pick a design that will meet your needs. Internet offers widespread information on wood stoves. Your friends, colleagues and relatives who own stoves can also help you pick the best type in the competitive market. With enough information in your fingertips, it becomes much easier to pick the best stoves. As you search for the best wood stoves, keep a few vital things in mind.

Gather enough information on the dealer and get a detailed manufacturer handbook. Online market is challenging and you need to purchase your stove from a reliable dealer. The material used to model the stoves is also important. One customer’s preferences for the wood stove may differ from your and so go for designs that meet your needs. You can choose cast iron stoves with lovely artistic designs although they are quite expensive. You can also opt for the welded steel wood stove that is cheaper and less attractive.

If you own a well-built fireplace, you can also decide on whether to pick catalytic or non-catalytic stove. Both wood burning stoves are good, but you have to compare their heat output. Catalytic stoves produce long steady heat while the non-catalytic design produces a steeper heat output. As you choose the best stoves, consider the emission conditions of your pick. Avoid models with excessive emission of smoke as it will mean that much fuel will be wasted during the heating session.

The size of your wood stoves matters a lot as you have to figure out where you will store them. Wood burning stoves come in three core sizes. There is the small design that is ideal for a large room or cabin. You can also pick the medium one, which is appropriate for medium to small houses. The large wood stoves design is apt for large houses or open plan background. You may purchase your stoves in London, but find it hard to install them into your home or fireplaces. Do not hesitate to find a reliable wood stove installation in London service provider and enjoy the many benefits of wood stoves.

Go Rustic! Wood Stove Installation for Homey Ambience

The trend in interior design is unpredictable. One can go from a luxurious all crystal home themes almost like Victorian and Old Age era to a rustic countryside style of home. We cannot predict the trend where people’s direction is heading. When it comes to interior design, the main thing that will affect the taste of your home is reflected by the way you decorate and placing a statement decor in your room. Different choice of furniture, lamps, mirrors, and another accent will give different taste to your design. Wood stove has become a reviving trend coming from the old era. It is never out of date to put the fireplace in your room. It works perfectly if you want to give a statement in your home and make it as the center of attention in your room. It is also not always associating with old and boring design as it can be set to be modern and meet your eclectic needs.

Wood burning stoves use dry wood and adjustable fire output that make it a nice twist in this traditional tool. Surprisingly, the stove installation is not very difficult. All you need to do is just to choose the right company with extensive list of experience and client database. Apart from many places in UK, wood stoves in London have been used from generation to generations and it never fails to bring the warmth in the middle of your family. Functioning to basically radiate warmth to your whole house, the wood stove is equipped with parts that can make sure that it does not pollute your home with dangerous substances made of the oxidation of the fire.

wood burning stoves
Wood stoves

Wood stove installation may seem so manual and old compared to the electric heating system. But, the value of having the stove is not only for the heating but also as part of a complete concept of your home decoration. Besides, the heat coming from the wood stove is so originally nicer and steadier compared to the modern electric one in terms of maintaining the same amount of heat of the room. Whether you want to reward yourself after a hard working day or impressing your guests, wood stove is something you can rely to comfort you. It never fails to bring a nuance of warmth and comfy room when you are stoke by that view from the first sight you are entering the room.

To make sure that the wood burning stove you have at your home is functioning well and looking good at the same time, so it needs maintenance. The parts need to be cleaned and fixed regularly to make sure that the beauty of it does not turn to be the source of danger to your home. There are many wood stoves London companies available. However, you need to choose the trusted one to make sure that the wood stove is functioning well. Fireplaces tends to collect dirt very quickly as the excess of the wood burning will be a very tiny dirt that can easily spread to your home.

Your wood burning stove need to be cleaned regularly as the wood parts may change colour along with the time. The fireplace made of wood may need to change the wood parts more often.

How To Find The Right Company To Install Wood Burning Stoves In London

The industrial revolution paved the way for a lot of new job opportunities in Britain. Where there was a fire and smoke from factories billowing out new steel frames for new buildings and bridges, there were chimney’s to be built and maintained too. Today we’ll be focusing more on the builders than the cleaners. Since it was in the fashion to have a solid fuel burning stoves and fireplaces to keep factories running and houses warm, there was virtually no end to the jobs these builders could take on.

Many years later down the line, the world was introduced to central heating and double glazing which somewhat put a stopper on the business as a whole. However despite that, there are still some properties in London that still use coal and wood burning stoves as their primary source of heat, or if not that, a very luxurious set piece for their living rooms, and where there is an active chimney, there is work to be done maintaining them. Right now there are plenty of city based companies that both install and mend chimney stacks, and if you want to find out the best one for you, then read on.

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When beginning your search, it’s ideal that the company you’re looking into provides additional services for wood stoves installation after the main job has been completed. Why settle for just one check up job when you could arrange for continued management to keep your chimney fully functional at all times? Plus with deliveries of solid fuel and neat little accessories to boot, why not take advantage for yourself?

If they can boast that they have the most experience and have the most certified work force, then they should be able to prove it without a doubt. Be it via word of mouth, recommendations, or from them showing off their labours in photos or videos, that would be a firm indicator that they’re truthful and confident in their own abilities.

Follow those two simple steps and soon enough your refined search will yield the best results for whatever job you want to call them out to. Just be sure to do it as soon as you can.

Embers: Champions of Fireplaces and Stoves


As improbable as you may think, it is entirely possible for you to own a Victorian era solid fuel powered stove without having to pay a large sum of money to own an old victorian building. One simple cost effective exchange, and your modern home can be installed with a fully functional grand fireplace in the style, and have it be taken care of by the best chimney experts in the country.

How? Simple. By getting in contact with us at Embers Fireplaces and Stoves LTD today. We are a family run company who pride ourselves on crafting high efficiency wood burning stoves, fireplaces, and luxurious fire surrounds for our clients.

Our installers are all each highly experienced and fully certified, and will personally assure you through spoken word and labour that they are there to pass on the highest standards of workmanship to you, the valued customer, and because of this, we have yet to hear of a customer who wasn’t satisfied with what we’ve done for them. We offer a full in-house service which covers every aspect of a job from start to finish, and have only the highest of trained professionals see to the tasks, and all the while we will provide expert advise to you on how to take care of your new chimney.

What is more, we also accommodate to individual customer needs, so whether you are installing something new, need an existing chimney repaired or cleaned, or need someone to see to a much grander scale of industrial sized flue, we will come regardless of the situation or size.

To wrap everything up, we offer a full after sales service ranging from simple advice on how to manage your wood stove installation, to delivering solid fuel to your doorstep to keep it running, and of course arranging a full servicing and sweeping visit courtesy of the members of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps. Call us and arrange a meeting with us today.

Why Embers are best to get your Fireplaces and Stoves


It is said that the fireplace is the most important focal point of any living room. In Victorian houses, it was the first thing you saw upon entering the room as it generally faced the door, and was perfectly framed by a beautiful limestone or marble fire surround to add an extra hint of luxury to the decor.

Today in the 21st Century, you can have a Victorian era wooden fuel powered stove installed inside your modern day home, and have it serviced by some of the most experienced experts in the field. How? By getting in contact with us here at Embers Fireplaces and Stoves LTD. We are a family run company who specialise in high efficiency wood burning stoves, luxury fire surrounds, and fireplaces.

We can accommodate to individual customer needs for any given job. From helping install fireplaces in first-time buyer’s houses, to corporate companies with larger projects and everything in-between, we have the means to make it all possible.

Our experienced and certified installers will personally assure that only the highest standards of work are met with every job we take on, and that customer satisfaction for each one is always greatly positive. A full service is offered in-house so that every step of the project from start to finish will be seen to by only the highly trained professionals that we supply. From the initial site survey and chimney sweep, to the finished installation, we will provide the best expert advice for the job.

What is more, we also offer full after sales service raging from simple advice on how to maintain your new wood stove installation, supplying fireside accessories, delivering solid fuel or logs direct to your doorstep, or full servicing and sweeping visits direct from the Guild of Master Sweeps themselves. Don’t miss out on this impeccable service, call us today.

Thinking of Getting A Wood Burning Stove in London

Wood burning stove establishments are on the up. Somewhere in the range of 180,000 were introduced in UK homes a year ago – a fivefold increment on 2007. The most people like to install a stove to warmth a specific room, albeit a few individuals settle on wood as a fuel to warm their whole house and give boiling hot water.

In case you’re considering giving your living room (or whatever other room) some warmth and character with a stove you most likely have a couple inquiries that you’d like answering. Stoves London services by Embers Fireplaces & Stoves are always here to guide you about everything you need t know abut stoves.

Will it save money? How much?

Both wood burning stove and stoves establishment are very much an expense, however with the fuel’s expense less expensive at around 4p for each kWh (£50 – £150 of wood yearly) they can begin to pay for themselves after around a few years’ utilization. Building regulations imply that stoves must be productive (65% at the base).

The Stove Industry Alliance say that a wood blazing stove is 77% less expensive per kilowatt hour to keep running than an electric stove. They are additionally 29% less expensive than gas and around 43% less expensive than oil.

Wood burning stoves are carbon unbiased, as well. So you’re doing your bit for the earth.

What size do I need?

Too little a stove and you’re cool; too enormous and you under-use the apparatus, which can darken the glass and coat the pipe in tar.

In case you’re pondering about measuring, for the most part a 3.5m x 3.5m room needs a 5kW stove. Be that as it may, don’t stress – we have an attempted and tried framework for ascertaining the best size for any room.

Maintenance – is it hard work?

You’ll need to leave some time to light the flame and get out the fiery remains, however cinder shouldn’t need clearing out more than once every week.

Concerning fireplace upkeep you will require a proficient channel for vent gasses to be taken up appropriately. We will investigate check whether your chimney lining is adequate or if your property will oblige flue re-lining.

Chimneys ought to be cleared toward the begin of the warming season in any event. The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps prescribes clearing quarterly over the period the stove is being lit.

Any more inquiries? Simply inquire!