Chimney Relining

“What is a liner? Why does a chimney need a liner? Does a chimney need a liner? Why does it need a liner?”

When it comes to chimney lining and flue lining, homeowners are often left in the dark and confused as to what services their chimneys require and why.

That’s where we come in.

Here at Embers we do our best to put you, the customer, first. When it comes to chimney lining in London, we will make sure you are in the best of hands. With over *** years of experience, and as members of the Guild of Master Sweeps, we will ensure that your relining service includes a 10 or 25 year underwritten guarantee.

  • London based HETAS Registered Liners
  • Specialist and extensive knowledge of Lining and Flue Lining
  • Range of Services and products to suit your chimney/stove needs.

Chimney Lining in London | Flue Lining in London | FAQ

“Do I need planning permission from London authorities before installing/carrying out flue or lining work?”
As a HETAS registered company, we are able to self certify our work, streamlining and cutting costs of the process, making the installation process easier for everyone.

“Why would I need a new liner?”
The most common reasons for needing a liner are your flue failing an integrity test, or your current liner deteriorating due to crumbling/corrosion or similar.

“Are liners ‘standard’? What is best for my chimney?”
Liners can come in many different materials and sizes – stainless steel, clay, ceramic. We will carry out a full inspection survey to ensure the right Lining is installed for your chimney and home’s needs.

“What type of chimney or flue have I got?”
The type of chimney or flue can sometimes be identified by the age of the property although it is always worth arranging for a survey to be absolutely sure. Homes built before the late 1990’s will often have an open brick chimney. Homes built after that time may have a Class 1 or Class 2 chimney depending on the house specification, you need to be certain which type you have before choosing a new fire. Contact us for a survey.

“I have a new stove, but it seems to be affecting my chimney and is causing problems. Why?”
Some High efficiency stoves extract so much heat from the combustion process that the flue gasses produced may be too cold to work within a large brick chimney. Without proper insulation, or due to leakages, this could affect the use of your stove/chimney. Worry not, we have a specialised leakage testing and camera surveying equipment to assess whether your current flue is suitable for the proposed purpose.

Need your chimney sweeping before work is carried out? Don’t worry, we can help with that too! Check out our sweeping services for London page here.

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