Chimney Sweeping

If you are looking for professional and specialist sweeping services in London, look no further. We have experience working in all types of property, and use the latest chimney sweeping methods to achieve the best results and ensure that your chimneys and flues are clean, safe, and working to the best that their allows.

Our full brush and vacuum chimney sweeping service will ensure that your chimney is left as clean as possible, with no mess, disruption or damage to your homestead.

  • HETAS Registered and Certified services and products.
  • Expert Advice
  • Guild of Master Sweeps member
  • Highly qualified team

Chimney Sweeping Services | Your Schedule

Your local London chimney sweep can help you with whatever chimney and system your home has set up. As a rule of thumb, depending on the type of fuel burned your chimney will need sweeping at different intervals/time scales.

  • For wood, quarterly
  • For gas or oil, annually
  • For smokeless coal, at least annually
  • For bitumous coal, twice a year.

Chimney Sweeping London | FAQ

“I have just moved to London and I have a working fireplace. Does it need cleaning?”
We highly recommend you arrange for your chimney to be swept when first moving into a new property, as a chimney fire is not the best of housewarming and can be costly to repair.

“Why do I need my chimney cleaned/swept?”
Chimneys need to allow free passage of dangerous combustion gasses. Regular cleaning will remove soot and creosote, helping prevent dangerous chimney fires. Cleaning will increase the efficiency of some appliances, as well as ensuring birds nests, cobwebs, and other potential blockages are out of the way.

“Embers are a member of the Guild of Master Sweeps. What does this mean? Is it important?”
Absolutely. Guild sweeps undertake an extensive training and assessment process. Training is based around the most comprehensive training manual in the UK. With this in mind, we are fully insured and equipped to deal with a range of situations, fittings, and services, and should always be able to provide you with top notch satisfactory service.

“Does sweeping make a mess?”
Put Mary Poppins style mayhem out of your mind! Our London chimney sweeps are trained in top quality servicing for your chimney, and have tried and tested techniques to ensure that minimal (of any) dust escapes dirtying your home.

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