Traditional Wood Stoves and Multi- Fuel Stoves.

Traditional yet modern in look wood burning stoves is all you need in this freezing season. Make your place hotter and cozy easy stove installation. Traditional wood burning stoves requires smaller fireplaces that would give warmer results. When it comes to the heating a home and making it warm these stoves works the best. It is useful not just for cooking and heating but also it will add that distinguished element to your house interior. You may install tubes set inside the fireplaces that catches up cool air from the room and heat it up. Unlike before, wood burning stoves would not consume large amount of energy as necessary changes have been made according to the need.

Traditional Wood Stoves

Fireplaces may produce pollutants that are thrown outside via chimney and it would cause serious health issues and diseases. To avoid this kind of problems stove installation must be done by the professional. Improper installations and lack of maintenance are better if avoided.

If you want to burn material other than wood such as coal in Multi-Fuel stoves. These stoves can optimize different types of fuels efficiently. They are designed to get the best outcome. Mutli-Fuel stoves use both moving bars or central riddling grate and ashpan. Ash is get collected in the ashpan and can be removed safely.

In multi-fuel stoves you can also burn smokeless coal and logs together. IT would be beneficial to your appliances. The fire that has been generated by burning both smokeless coal and logs would stay longer and hotter. To get the best outcome from your stove you must done stove installation correctly. Do it properly otherwise it will give unnecessary disappointments and fire hazards. Also choose your fuels appropriately because the right combination will give you better results.

Multi-Fuel Stoves will give you the results same as wood burning stoves. Both are highly efficient. Stove installation for both types is simpler and cost effective which would benefit you more pleasure. Adding more warmth in the ambience and at the same time staying away from the pollutants and dangerous gases such carbon monoxide can be achieved if you consider doing stove installation with the help of experts and professionals.

Generate warmness in your house to enjoy winter.

Go Rustic! Wood Stove Installation for Homey Ambience

The trend in interior design is unpredictable. One can go from a luxurious all crystal home themes almost like Victorian and Old Age era to a rustic countryside style of home. We cannot predict the trend where people’s direction is heading. When it comes to interior design, the main thing that will affect the taste of your home is reflected by the way you decorate and placing a statement decor in your room. Different choice of furniture, lamps, mirrors, and another accent will give different taste to your design. Wood stove has become a reviving trend coming from the old era. It is never out of date to put the fireplace in your room. It works perfectly if you want to give a statement in your home and make it as the center of attention in your room. It is also not always associating with old and boring design as it can be set to be modern and meet your eclectic needs.

Wood burning stoves use dry wood and adjustable fire output that make it a nice twist in this traditional tool. Surprisingly, the stove installation is not very difficult. All you need to do is just to choose the right company with extensive list of experience and client database. Apart from many places in UK, wood stoves in London have been used from generation to generations and it never fails to bring the warmth in the middle of your family. Functioning to basically radiate warmth to your whole house, the wood stove is equipped with parts that can make sure that it does not pollute your home with dangerous substances made of the oxidation of the fire.

wood burning stoves
Wood stoves

Wood stove installation may seem so manual and old compared to the electric heating system. But, the value of having the stove is not only for the heating but also as part of a complete concept of your home decoration. Besides, the heat coming from the wood stove is so originally nicer and steadier compared to the modern electric one in terms of maintaining the same amount of heat of the room. Whether you want to reward yourself after a hard working day or impressing your guests, wood stove is something you can rely to comfort you. It never fails to bring a nuance of warmth and comfy room when you are stoke by that view from the first sight you are entering the room.

To make sure that the wood burning stove you have at your home is functioning well and looking good at the same time, so it needs maintenance. The parts need to be cleaned and fixed regularly to make sure that the beauty of it does not turn to be the source of danger to your home. There are many wood stoves London companies available. However, you need to choose the trusted one to make sure that the wood stove is functioning well. Fireplaces tends to collect dirt very quickly as the excess of the wood burning will be a very tiny dirt that can easily spread to your home.

Your wood burning stove need to be cleaned regularly as the wood parts may change colour along with the time. The fireplace made of wood may need to change the wood parts more often.

How To Find The Right Company To Install Wood Burning Stoves In London

The industrial revolution paved the way for a lot of new job opportunities in Britain. Where there was a fire and smoke from factories billowing out new steel frames for new buildings and bridges, there were chimney’s to be built and maintained too. Today we’ll be focusing more on the builders than the cleaners. Since it was in the fashion to have a solid fuel burning stoves and fireplaces to keep factories running and houses warm, there was virtually no end to the jobs these builders could take on.

Many years later down the line, the world was introduced to central heating and double glazing which somewhat put a stopper on the business as a whole. However despite that, there are still some properties in London that still use coal and wood burning stoves as their primary source of heat, or if not that, a very luxurious set piece for their living rooms, and where there is an active chimney, there is work to be done maintaining them. Right now there are plenty of city based companies that both install and mend chimney stacks, and if you want to find out the best one for you, then read on.

efficiency wood Burning Stoves

When beginning your search, it’s ideal that the company you’re looking into provides additional services for wood stoves installation after the main job has been completed. Why settle for just one check up job when you could arrange for continued management to keep your chimney fully functional at all times? Plus with deliveries of solid fuel and neat little accessories to boot, why not take advantage for yourself?

If they can boast that they have the most experience and have the most certified work force, then they should be able to prove it without a doubt. Be it via word of mouth, recommendations, or from them showing off their labours in photos or videos, that would be a firm indicator that they’re truthful and confident in their own abilities.

Follow those two simple steps and soon enough your refined search will yield the best results for whatever job you want to call them out to. Just be sure to do it as soon as you can.

Why Embers are best to get your Fireplaces and Stoves


It is said that the fireplace is the most important focal point of any living room. In Victorian houses, it was the first thing you saw upon entering the room as it generally faced the door, and was perfectly framed by a beautiful limestone or marble fire surround to add an extra hint of luxury to the decor.

Today in the 21st Century, you can have a Victorian era wooden fuel powered stove installed inside your modern day home, and have it serviced by some of the most experienced experts in the field. How? By getting in contact with us here at Embers Fireplaces and Stoves LTD. We are a family run company who specialise in high efficiency wood burning stoves, luxury fire surrounds, and fireplaces.

We can accommodate to individual customer needs for any given job. From helping install fireplaces in first-time buyer’s houses, to corporate companies with larger projects and everything in-between, we have the means to make it all possible.

Our experienced and certified installers will personally assure that only the highest standards of work are met with every job we take on, and that customer satisfaction for each one is always greatly positive. A full service is offered in-house so that every step of the project from start to finish will be seen to by only the highly trained professionals that we supply. From the initial site survey and chimney sweep, to the finished installation, we will provide the best expert advice for the job.

What is more, we also offer full after sales service raging from simple advice on how to maintain your new wood stove installation, supplying fireside accessories, delivering solid fuel or logs direct to your doorstep, or full servicing and sweeping visits direct from the Guild of Master Sweeps themselves. Don’t miss out on this impeccable service, call us today.