The Glory of Burning a Fire or Stove

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As we enter the winter with the dark evenings and first cold period now upon us our unconscious primeval instincts and urges start kicking into play and the romantic and comforting thoughts of sitting snuggled up in front of a warm homely fireplace start to circle in our minds. Ever asked yourself why this is? And furthermore in this modern day time how can we make it possible to give in to these urges and enjoy all the glory of a working fireplace but at the same time be responsible to the environment and be safe in the use of fire in our houses?

Many believe (myself included) that the need and urge to have a controlled fire burning within our dwellings is something planted deep within our psyche that is inherent as a human being and has been ever since our cave man ancestors learned to rub two sticks together! It is an in built need for control and an evolutionary trait that has allowed us to stay warm and safe with illumination at home and the sanitation of our foods and fluids for millennia, it is the feeling of completeness and accomplishment to be sat in the knowledge that whilst the fire burns we are the masters on our environment.

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Modern times have made us more conscious and aware of our responsibilities to try to lower our carbon footprint and the amount of damage that we are doing to the planet and unfortunately as human beings we ALL leave our own footprint in one way or another from the cars we drive, planes we fly to the foods we eat and the energy we consume used to power our homes, streets and work places… this list is endless! When you think though about how many of these things are actually crucial to our survival and how many are just comfort things, I suggest that unless you have vacated your home and live in darkness in a tent in a field we are all guilty of some form of unnecessary harm to the environment! Things that are absolute necessities to survival however are food and water and warmth, and of course whilst we do have central heating that heats the entire household through our countless radiators this too comes at a very heavy price…. the cost of the worlds natural gas resources! Let’s also not forget that when burned and during combustion gas too produces poisonous fumes which are exhausted in to the atmosphere.

We of course do know that at present there is no other realistic way to offer to offer complete heating to our properties however it is also a fact that when spending a large portion of our time in one main living room area we can avoid undue waste of natural gas by heating an isolated single room area by way of a high efficiency, low emission stove and be content in the knowledge that when sourced from a responsible fuel supplier the wood that we burn is sustainable and furthermore practically carbon neutral! The cycle of each purposely planted and cultivated tree that is matured, felled and then dried allows the tree during its life to absorb the carbons from the air that will be created during its burning allows the whole process to be relatively green.

So what should we do? Give in to our needs and urges and have a fire or be as responsible to the environment as we can? Fortunately we can do both, by utilising a measured approach to the timing and type of heating that we provide ourselves with and working the use of our central heating system to heat the whole house when required against the use of a our modern clean burning stoves to heat more localised areas within the house when needed we can find a balance to the amount of natural gas resources we use and the airborne pollution we create!

Embers wishes everyone a warm and cosy winter and hope you can all enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that we get when we sit in front of our fireplaces.

Traditional and Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves

Are you up to buy a new fireplace for your cozy home? Yeah Winter is Coming and there is nothing like a warm fireplace in home with the classic view of wooden logs burning inside… but you are confused between classic that is traditional or a modern contemporary wood stoves?

Let us break things down for you.

First of all, it is necessary to understand the basic differences between these two fireplaces…

A traditional fireplace will burn the logs of various varieties of woods and get you the necessary heat for your home. Whereas modern stoves will create an ambiance like wood burning stoves with the use of Wood, Gas, oil or any other flammable product in the market.

There are still some points that need to be considered while choosing a nice fireplace for your homes.


A beautifully designed fireplace with stones looks elegant in a living room. A masonry fireplace has a number of possibilities while designing like mosaic tiles, stacked stones, brickwork, veneer or even marble. Open view of fire flames and the incomparable appearance, feel and smell of burning wood in a fireplace makes this classic style of fireplace among many people.

Since classic fireplaces provide this feel on the other hand, a wood stove will have a glass door and it will lack this smell and elegance.


Any fireplace appliance featuring a wood burning fire can come with natural safety challenges. As gas or pellet fuel is clean and safe, byproducts and creosote from burning wood can accumulate in chimney, posing a serious chimney fire if not taken care properly.

Sparks coming from wood fires is another issue. Sparks are easily spread out of fireplaces causing injuries or even property damage. Installing proper covers in the forms of glass doors to fireplaces can help ensure that sparks won’t come out of the place to furniture or carpets in your homes. Wood stoves on the other side are already equipped with glass doors since they feature the closed combustion unit that means no spark flying around your living room.

An open burning fireplace is a potential hazard for children and pets. Wood stoves are much safer in this respect since fire is not directly exposed in the open, but there still is a minute risk of someone getting burned if they touch the glass door of the stove. Safety gates and glass doors are the great ways to keep your little ones wandering with their furry friends around the living room.


It’s a known fact that wood is the lowest expensive fuel type compared to gas, pallet, oil and coal etc. although cheap as fuel it is, wood fireplaces are not the efficient fire equipment in the market. In fact, they tend to be the least efficient heat source with a heat efficiency of 10% only. The biggest part of the heat gets vanished through chimneys, leaving the room less warm than it should be. On the other hand; wood burning stoves can provide 300% more heat with 1/3rd of the firewood which places them on the efficient side. When it comes to efficiency, wood burning stoves win.


Burning a wood releases no more CO2 than a tree does while decaying itself naturally in forests, which means Burning Wood, is Carbon Neutral. The wood stoves today, are equipped with closed combustion system which means, they produce a very little amount of emission. That being said, they are more efficient and better at providing heat, wood stoves can help supplement your current heating system, allowing you to lower your utility during the cold winters.

When it comes to heating appliances, it up to your choice what you prefer, whether a Traditional one or a Modern one. If aesthetics, ambiance and authenticity have their places in the corner of your minds, go for a wood fireplace. If you desire a highly efficient heating powerhouse together with ambiance and modern elegance, a wood burning stove would be a great choice for you.

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PopularSadiq Khan unfairly wants to ban Wood Burning Stoves in London

High efficiency clean burn wood burning stoves

Much has been made in recent times of the pollution level figures in London and the role in which the stove industry has played in these figures. Away from the headline grabbing newspapers feeding distorted information and facts it is time for some honest hard truths to be aired.

Aside from mentioning the super massive problem that is vehicle and air traffic amongst others within London the fireplace/stove industry are aware and have been for a long time that a shape up and tightening of regulations is needed within the industry, it is common knowledge that old fashioned traditional style open fires are highly inefficient and produce high levels of co2 when burning, the use of old out dated unapproved wood burning stoves is also an inefficient way of burning much in the same way that driving an old “banger” of a motor vehicle with no catalytic converter will be “unclean”
Worth pointing out that the burning of wood on an open fireplace or an unapproved stove is and has been illegal in London since the time of the introduction of the clean air act 1956!

It is worth noting that the (SIA) stove industry alliance have documented that up to 70% of all wood being burned within London is being done so illegally on open fires! If you then factor in that modern clean burn stoves produce 90% fewer emissions and 14% less CO2 than open fires it doesn’t take a genius to conclude that the illegal use of the open fire and unapproved stove is at the crux of the problem and this illegal activity is dragging the good work done by the high efficiency stove industry through the mud! Couple this illegal use with the very much un-regulated supply of poor quality fuel and I would suggest that tackling these two issues will go far and away to drastically reducing the already small percentage of pollution actually created by the use of stoves in London.

It has been proposed that in 2022 all appliances (wood burning stoves) will need to carry the European SIA ECO stamp much in the same way that the appliance up until this point and beyond must be DEFRA approved.

So what does all of this mean for the consumer? In basic terms what this means is that the use of a wood burning stove in London is not going to be outlawed nor made illegal, it will simply mean that anybody wanting to use a stove will have the legal responsibility to use a high efficiency, low emission burner that will be better for the environment at the same time as being more economical in terms of fuel consumption, we as a company do whole heartedly endorse the use of such appliances after all as human beings we do have a primeval affinity with the use of fire in the household and as we head to the future with greater technologies why not do your bit for the environment and get a “clean burning high efficiency stove”

Sadiq Khan unfairly wants to ban Wood Burning Stoves in London

Wood Burning Stove - SCENE 490

It’s incredible that the mayor of London is able to attack and attribute the wood burning stove London Industry for their short falls in coming to terms with the air pollution levels of London.

Did London not record it’s highest ever pollution readings for the month of June this year? Maybe this was due to wood burning BBQs? Laughable.

It was researched that on a cold day in January this year a spike in air pollution was heavily down to 1.5 million wood burning stoves in use?

To have any evidence of how many burners are actually being used at any one time in comparison to the inefficient open fireplace I suggest is impossible.

Not to mention the massive spike in vehicle traffic during cold spells and the countless extra vehicle engine running hours while people use their heaters to thaw windscreens and stay warm whilst sitting parked, the central heating systems on full blast and the busier streets and shopping centres with Christmas and January sales.

The fireplace and stove industry does understand that some level of emissions are created by use of a fire, we also however know that providing the correct quality of fuel is burned on the correct appliance (a high efficiency DEFRA approved closed appliance) these emissions become practically carbon neutral.

Instead of crippling an entire industry with scaremongering and scapegoating why not do something actually constructive like impose heavier regulations on the types and quality of fuels being burned and also ensuring that the already illegal practice of burning wood on an open fireplace is adhered to.

Save The Cost Of The Heating With Replacement Of Natural Source

Wood is a natural source of producing fire and heat. This natural and cheap source is being used by many household. It is not only having the advantage of easy availability but is also having relatively low cost. Moreover they are very easy to use. The wood stove is an alternative to the liquefied gas which is being used by many people. Wood can be used as the fuel by these stoves. They are helpful in reducing the cost of the heating fuel. Not only for cooking they can be used for other purposes in the household. So in the recent past time, these kinds of stoves are becoming popular.

Usage of the wood stove in the households

Wood stoves are of variety of sizes and shapes. The small wood stoves are small in size yet quite efficient. They are useful in the homes of small family of two or three members. They are the ideal requirement for the cooking as well as other heating needs. Besides they are perfect for the fireplaces of the rooms and cottages in cold seasons. So these kind of wood stoves are multi functional. These mainly help in conserving the costly energy and produce heat at low cost. Get to know more about using these stoves.

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Different stove to be bought for your home

The efficiency of the wood burning stoves has been a lot. So the popularity of such stoves are going high. Many manufacturers are designing new stoves and launching them. Therefore, the customer gets confused while they go to buy one. Here are some tips to choose the right stove.

The present day stoves come with beautiful designs. The body of the stove can be made of cast iron, welded iron soap stone or a combination of the former. Soap stone body is the latest design which looks good. The cast iron and welded one is near to same but the later needs a bit of maintenance.

Next the decision has to be made based on its utility. Whether being used as primary heating source or the secondary one, the stove has to be different based on application. The earlier one was the non catalytic stoves and now the catalytic stove. The present days wood burning stoves are much more economical. They are able to warm up an area of about 1000 to 1200 square feet. The non catalytic wood stove need a bit of maintenance and cleaning for a longer investment. Check out various products and their features before buying one.

How can a stove be useful for the fireplace?

Fireplace is an important part of any home in winter dominating country. Places like London have the cold season all the year round. So fireplace is a must for every home. Traditional crackling wood fireplaces are old fashioned now. To upgrade the place, one can install the wood stove. In London, many people are installing stoves at fireplaces. Such stoves are made up of metals with two pipes. One is the inlet of combustion air and other is the outlet of combustion gas. There are also models without such vents. They are airtight and produce less smoke. Hence it is more heating efficient than the vent one.

Get to know some important facts before buying the stoves

Buying of wood stoves can be a bit confusing. If you are a first time buyer, then it is a bad idea to look for stars. The wood stoves are not being sold based on star ratings. The ratings and the feedback can be confusing too. It is a good idea to look out for the government efficiency rating. Based on such information and a bit of knowledge about the wood stove can be helpful. Know about the manufacturer who is supplying the wood stove and fireplace inserts. Check out these properties while buying such a wood stove for your household purpose.

  • Whether catalytic or non catalytic stoves
  • The size of the chamber where the firewood burns
  • Know the size of the largest log that would fit in the box
  • Know about the heat value and the efficiency of the stove about producing heat.
  • Know about the emission. The particulate matter that is being emitted is responsible for air pollution.
  • Know about the range of heat output. Have knowledge about the government range and the one you are buying.
  • The maximum wood stove burn time
  • The heating capacity of the stove. Know about how much area will get heated by the wood stove.

All these factors are essential to be considered while buying such a product. Read about various products over the internet. Know about various manufacturers who are ultimately bringing the best product.

Tips on using the stoves properly

If you are already an owner of the wood stove then here are some tips to maintain a low maintenance. Follow these tips and your stove would be in usable condition for longer period of time.

  • If you have bought anew wood stove, then it is a good idea to read the instruction manual. Follow the precaution mentioned there. It would help to keep the stove in a good condition for longer period of time. Otherwise if you have bought a second hand one, ask the seller for the tips. Know about them and follow them.
  • Know about the wood that can be used. Using right kind of wood would help in providing the right heat amount. Avoid using the green wood as they are not environment friendly. It is best to use the seasoned wood. One may also buy the green wood and season it by themselves. That can be time consuming but use the seasoned one.

Concluding on the overview of wood stove

Wood stove is the right alternative for the high cost fuel source. It is multi functional and can be used for both cooking and warming purpose. Just take few hours to know about its usage. Proper usage will surely help to use the stove for long period of time. Some of the wood stove also needs maintenance. Follow these steps to get a low cost heating source.  Being such a cost effective one, many business and commercials are also using them for heating. They are safe and environment friendly too.

How to Get the Best from Your Wood Burner

Stove fires can arise from inappropriate installation and repairs. Always get done the required clearances from combustibles and make sure that your stovepipes and chimney are in good condition.Getting the best out of a wood stove means more than just stoking the fire.

Wood Burning Stoves

Here are some tips on how to get best from your wood burner.

Get The Best Firewood: All woods are not created similar. The wood you use for the outdoor fire pit is different, you should not use it for your wood burner instead you should be more selective while choosing wood for your stove. The finest firewood comprises anywhere from 15 to 20 percent moisture, and is small enough to accurately fit in your stove.

Don’t burn too much of wood: Wood stove professionals say that, if large amount of woods are added in the stove then the wood logs abolishes overall combustion and tends to produce little and cooler fire. By loading the stove with too much firewood, you effectually blocks the way for air which is needed for the best combustion rate. The sufficient amount of wood fills the stove without blocking the air inlet. It’s ideal to refuel the stove more often rather than stuffing it with wood and decrease its efficiency while enhancing its smoke output.

Try to keep the wood dry: Reassure that you have bought properly dried wood and they do not contain any kind of moisture. And always store it in the dry place to avoid it to get injected by the moisture.The ideal technique to keep your wood dry is to store it off the ground and shielded with a roof-like structure to safeguard against rain and snow. When loading wood, do not compactly pack wood together. To keep it dry for long time, there should be good air flow. Do not purchase and store large amount of wood in your home instead store only the amount of wood which can be used immediately.

Ensure that fire is burning properly: Running fireplace in a very wood stove is way totally different than a camp fire. Above all, never permit smoldering, slow fires to bloom. These fires enhance creosote development that becomes a significant fireplace hazard. On the opposite hand, avoid roaring fires. massive fires manufacture an excessive amount of direct heat, which can harm the chimney and stove whereas conjointly wasting wood as roaring fires send its heat directly up the chimney instead of throughout your home and on the stove.

Conclusion: It is commonly accepted by the all wood stoves installation experts that the whole system must be cleaned and repaired once in a year. Or twice if it is used more often. A properly repaired and cleaned stove is more competent and considerably safer than an ignored system. Over time, particularly if high moisture wood or incorrect burning methods are used, an extremely combustible substance called creosote builds up on the chimney. If left uncured, this residue grows and will increase the possibility of a house hearth. Therefore, have the whole stove system professionally clean before fall and winter months.

5 of The Best Wood Burning Stoves in London

So, you’re looking for a wood stove burner to complement your living room, heat up your house and maybe save on heating bills? There is a vast amount of products and choice out there with varying pricing structure and easiness of installation. Regardless of your choice you will need a professional stove installer in London.

Our list is based on our own experience in installing stoves ion London, popularity, design heat efficiency and quality.

1- Manufacturer – CHARNWOOD  

    Model – C4, C5 (C5 is a great alternative for slightly larger stove)

 wood burning stove


The Charnwood C-Five (C5) Stove is built with landscape proportions, allowing a 12″ log to fit inside comfortably. The C5 will produce 5kW of heat. Available with a low base as standard or with log store (wood store) as an optional extra. The C-Five is one of the best selling small stoves in the UK.


2- Manufacturer – CAPITAL FIREPLACES

    Model-  SCENE 490

 Wood Burning Stove - SCENE 490


It is created in solid 5mm solid cast iron for durability and heat retention, with a new locking system which ensures an airtight seal. Being 5KW the stove does not require additional ventilation in the room and offers up to 80% efficiency in burning. This stove features an air wash system to help protect the glass from soot build up. The Sirius 490 Scene stove features a simple minimalistic design which is an ideal fit to most contemporary designs. It has dual air controls to give you greater control of your burning rate.


3- Manufacturer- HETA

    Model- INSPIRE

 Wood Burning Stove - INSPIRE


The Heta Inspire 45 is a modern 5kW stove and is manufactured in Denmark. This stove is very solid (thick steel) and has an excellent efficiency rating (84%). We added this stove to our site following a particularly high demand for quotes from customers – this being a sure sign that a stove is a potential winner


4- Manufacturer- MORSO

    Model- squirell

Wood burning Stove - MORSO squirellDescriptions:

Morso have taken the Standard Squirrel stove and added cleanburn technology Like the Standard Squirrel stove the Cleanheat version is also a top of the range cast iron stove with a very high heat output for its size.



5- Manufacturer – CHILLI PENGUIN


Wood burning stove - SHORT PENGUIN 


The Short Penguin is available in two models, one door and two door. The additional door is a separate door for the ash pan. Both models use the Chilli Penguin secondary combustion air wash for keeping the glass clean and tertiary air jets to produce a clean burn which offers greater fuel efficiency and less harmful emissions are released into the atmosphere.


Wood burning stoves are an investment in your home and a long term saving on heating bills. Of course the initial purchase is significant, and installation costs can vary depending on the space available and configuration of your living room. We install stoves in London and surrounding areas every day of the week. This means we have sold and installed thousands of stoves in the capital and we can advise you on the best options for your home. We are  HETAS registered specialist in fireplaces and wood burning stoves installation in London.

Traditional Wood Stoves and Multi- Fuel Stoves.

Traditional yet modern in look wood burning stoves is all you need in this freezing season. Make your place hotter and cozy easy stove installation. Traditional wood burning stoves requires smaller fireplaces that would give warmer results. When it comes to the heating a home and making it warm these stoves works the best. It is useful not just for cooking and heating but also it will add that distinguished element to your house interior. You may install tubes set inside the fireplaces that catches up cool air from the room and heat it up. Unlike before, wood burning stoves would not consume large amount of energy as necessary changes have been made according to the need.

Traditional Wood Stoves

Fireplaces may produce pollutants that are thrown outside via chimney and it would cause serious health issues and diseases. To avoid this kind of problems stove installation must be done by the professional. Improper installations and lack of maintenance are better if avoided.

If you want to burn material other than wood such as coal in Multi-Fuel stoves. These stoves can optimize different types of fuels efficiently. They are designed to get the best outcome. Mutli-Fuel stoves use both moving bars or central riddling grate and ashpan. Ash is get collected in the ashpan and can be removed safely.

In multi-fuel stoves you can also burn smokeless coal and logs together. IT would be beneficial to your appliances. The fire that has been generated by burning both smokeless coal and logs would stay longer and hotter. To get the best outcome from your stove you must done stove installation correctly. Do it properly otherwise it will give unnecessary disappointments and fire hazards. Also choose your fuels appropriately because the right combination will give you better results.

Multi-Fuel Stoves will give you the results same as wood burning stoves. Both are highly efficient. Stove installation for both types is simpler and cost effective which would benefit you more pleasure. Adding more warmth in the ambience and at the same time staying away from the pollutants and dangerous gases such carbon monoxide can be achieved if you consider doing stove installation with the help of experts and professionals.

Generate warmness in your house to enjoy winter.

How to Buy A Wood Burning Stove?

The fireplace in your house not only looks lovely but also is a need of every household in London with the onset of the chilling winter. But buying a wood burning stove and stove installation of without enough information itself is a laborious and mundane task. A wood burning stove on an average, costs around £500 to well over £2,000 depending on the type and one shall consider many other factors besides price so that the stove suits your lifestyle. Here is a checklist you must follow before buying a wood burning stove in London.

  1. Fuel type:

Before you buy a stove you should make sure what kind of fuel is available and what kind of fuel you would like to use while burning you stove. You may either use the usual wood burning stove or opt for a multi-fuelled stove. A good multi-fulled stove is a one that has enough of space to let the air pass from beneath as well as from above so that both coal, wood or any other type of fuel can burn easily.

  1. Storage:

Storage of fuel needs plenty of room especially if you are burning logs. as per the reports for the average user per year, one needs about three to four cubic meters of space. The place of storage shall be a dry area that is accessible for the purpose of deliveries. Ideally, one should buy fresh logs that are still moist. Its better as you can try them yourself by next autumn. Hence you would need a space worth 2 years of storage.

  1. Fuel supply:

You must look for good fuel suppliers around so as to decide what kind of fuel would be available to you around the year. Knowing about the type of fuel source can help you the space you would need for storage and also the type of stove you should buy.

  1. Usage

Before you buy a wood burning stove you must consider the number of rooms you would want to heat by the wood burning stove. Stoves are mostly used to heat only one room but you may also attach it to the central heating system so that you can use the stove to heat the whole house.

  1. Town regulations:

Before you buy a wood burning stove you must also consider the town or area regulations of the place you live, as a lot of towns and cities are smoke controlled areas. Hence you must get a Defra (Department for environmental, food and rural affairs) approved stoves to burn wood or a smokeless fuel stove. Smokeless stoves use fuels such as anthracite, on a multi-fuel stove.


Make a Great Focal Points for Home Interiors with Log Burners, Wood Stoves

According to the reports, around 175,000 log burners, wood stoves are installed each year in the UK. These log burners make great focal points for interiors, are cleaner and more efficient than open fireplaces, and can even save you money on your heating bills.

Fireplaces have become a welcome trend among homeowners and real estate developers. There is a thing about an open fire that attracts many people regardless of the weather condition of the day or night. Fireplaces bring about sophistication, comfort and security. And if you want to add value to your home, purchasing and installing a wood burning stove is the way forward. You don’t have to be stuck to the traditional fireplaces when they are distinctive wood burning stoves models in the market. All you have to do is find the best and most reliable stoves London dealers and place an order.

 Charnwood C-Four Wood Burner
* Charnwood C Four Wood Burner

Wood burning stoves are one of the latest and most sophisticated heat source in many homes. Wood stoves have hit the market with a bang and the fuss has not only hit the metropolitan but also rural dwellers. In essences, wood burning stoves are a favorite among many design conscious homeowners in London and many other parts of the world. People from all walks of life have found great interest in wood stoves thanks to the many benefits associated with this heating source.

Why Invest In Wood Burning Stoves over Other Heat Sources

Many people are these days conscious about the environment and are keen to conserve world resources as much as they can. Fireplaces have great environmental impact when utilized properly as they rely on turf and coal. Wood stoves have thus become the most reliable home-heating sources as they produce less harmful products into the environment. Wood is renewable and a sustainable heat-sources and its energy-efficient is unmatched.

Using gas and electricity is a considerably expensive option for many people. More so, you will have to expend more money for electricity and gas bill if you have more appliances that demand these expensive energy options. Fortunately, wood burning stoves are an affordable home heating source as wood is readily available.

The latest home heating sources are not only expensive but also costly when it comes to their installation. A wood burning stove is an exceptional heating sources that is easy to install. Stove installation process is not as demanding as you may think. You can install your stove virtually anywhere in the home as long as you have a working chimney for gas emission outside the house. Its ease of installation makes it easy to zone-heat any space in your house.

Wood stoves are an exceptional sources of heat in regions that experiences occasional power shortages. You will not only warm your house during cold night but also enjoying a convenient cooking option even in times of power blackout. And if you are conscious about the look of your home, wood burning stoves also provide a great alternative to compliment your décor. Stoves London come in many diverse shapes and sizes and will look nice when properly installed in a house.

You don’t have to worry about how you are going to heat your home during the winter season. Wood burning stoves are readily available in the market. You need to find the best dealer in London and place an order. Also go for a dealer who performs stove installation for free or at budget-friendly rates. Make your choice today and opt for the best home heating source in the market.

* The Charnwood C-Four is the best of the small stoves – it’s relatively modest price and elegant looks are teamed with a reassuring guarantee, making it a sound investment. It looks just as good in an inglenook fireplace or standing alone.