Sadiq Khan unfairly wants to ban Wood Burning Stoves in London

Wood Burning Stove - SCENE 490

It’s incredible that the mayor of London is able to attack and attribute the wood burning stove London Industry for their short falls in coming to terms with the air pollution levels of London.

Did London not record it’s highest ever pollution readings for the month of June this year? Maybe this was due to wood burning BBQs? Laughable.

It was researched that on a cold day in January this year a spike in air pollution was heavily down to 1.5 million wood burning stoves in use?

To have any evidence of how many burners are actually being used at any one time in comparison to the inefficient open fireplace I suggest is impossible.

Not to mention the massive spike in vehicle traffic during cold spells and the countless extra vehicle engine running hours while people use their heaters to thaw windscreens and stay warm whilst sitting parked, the central heating systems on full blast and the busier streets and shopping centres with Christmas and January sales.

The fireplace and stove industry does understand that some level of emissions are created by use of a fire, we also however know that providing the correct quality of fuel is burned on the correct appliance (a high efficiency DEFRA approved closed appliance) these emissions become practically carbon neutral.

Instead of crippling an entire industry with scaremongering and scapegoating why not do something actually constructive like impose heavier regulations on the types and quality of fuels being burned and also ensuring that the already illegal practice of burning wood on an open fireplace is adhered to.

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