Save Big on Your Heating Bills by Installing Wood Stoves

Owning a nice stove model in your home is a great achievement and worthwhile investment.A wood burning stove in your living room could easily be the one of the greatest things, creating a warm and cozy feel. According to a survey* conducted by “Which” magazine – It can also be a practical way to cut or avoid rising heating bills – 60% of the stove owners confirmed. They said that they believe getting a stove had saved them money. (*November 2016 survey )

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When out there looking for the best stove design to purchase, it is advisable to choose wood stoves. Well-designed fireplaces or stoves will add value and warmth to your house. It’s also a great area where you can relax and entertain yourself or guests as you sip your favorite cocktail. Summer is usually the best time to perfect the state of your fireplaces. Many homeowners prefer wood burning stoves than designs that use gas. However, you have to go for the best design in the market and one that will satisfy your needs.

Warm Up Your Home with Wood Stoves

Many people find it daunting to choose home heating solutions. At all times, you have to go for a heating option that will save you extra money when it comes to fuel cost. Choosing wood stoves is a wise decision to make. There are notable features that attract many people to wood burning stoves. If you put these wood stove features into consideration, you will find a design for you and your family. When looking for wood stoves, look at the money aspect all the time and you will not regret. Wood is readily available and costs less than electricity and other fuels. You can buy wood from dealers at affordable rates. With wood burning stoves, you just need to heat areas that you are using and save more on areas that you or your family is not using.

If you are yearning for comfort and better ambiance while relaxing at home, wood stoves provide best solutions. The radiant heat of wood stove heats up your home in a way that hot air systems cannot. Wood keeps your house warm throughout as you determine the amount of wood to burn and warm up the house. The green aspect of wood burning stove is another feature to consider. Whenever you are using heating appliance back in your home, never assume their effects to the environment. It does not matter whether you are choosing between fireplaces and stoves, you have to consider how the burning material impacts the environs. Burning wood is environment-friendly and carbon-neutral. Wood stove emits less carbon monoxide and cuts the danger of in-house pollution as they effectively emit gases through stovepipe.

While using a wood stove, you have to pay much attention to how you handle the burning stove. Your safety and that of your family is crucial. Creosote clogs inside a chimney and may lead to fires especially if you have a fireplace in your home. And so, you have to clean and inspect your chimney or stovepipe regularly and keep it in the best condition. Seek proficient stove installation services and ensure your wood burning stove is operating as expected.

Smart Buying Guide –

Always make sure you buy a stove with the CE mark so you’re assured that it meets the right European safety and efficiency standards for stoves in the UK. A key part of choosing the right stove for your home is getting the right size and heat output, which is measured in kilowatts (kW) and ranges from 3kW to over 15kW. If you get a stove that has too high an output for your home, you may end up having the windows open all the time to cool it down – or running the stove at a lower temperature, which will create more tar and smoke and be less efficient.


With a nice wood stove, you will heat up your house even when there is no power. More so, today’s wood stoves and other wood heating appliances are designed to add beauty to homes. A quality wood stove can give your home a new look. There are many companies selling wood burning stoves, but you have to go for the best. It is advisable to research and consult thoroughly before purchasing your stoves in London or UK.

*Survey Reference – Which Magazine Survey

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