Buy an Environmental Stove, Upgrade To An Eco-Friendly Model

We are in the world with modern technologies which are growing in its way day by day. In addition to that, the general public’s also become more aware of the economic concerns and trying to move to an eco-friendly way of life.

Upgrade To An Eco-Friendly Model

More than one million British families make use of wood stoves to warm their cockles during the winter season. But, the recent announcement says that the government has announced a plan to regulate wood burning stoves as part of its wide clean air strategy. In addition to that, the government will also ban the sale of wood stoves which don’t meet the environmental standards.

The government says that all these rules are made in order to reduce the harmful emission of gases from the stoves which may lead to cut in pollution and save lives.

So, what will be the solution to warm the houses in the winter season? The message says that there is a solution along with the permit of the government to burn the right wood on the right appliances. Here are some of the new guidelines for the wood stove owners under the new rules.

It’s time to buy the Environmental Stove

With improved in quality and efficiency, the government has introduced a certification for the shoves that meet green standards. The latest environmental stoves will be available in stores soon which are labelled with ecodesign sticker which burns more cleanly without any emission of harmful gases to the environment.

There are available with different type of environmental stoves with different efficiency ratings. According to the efficiency ratings and emission levels of the wood stoves, you can buy the environmental stove which suits the best for your area.

You should upgrade to an eco-friendly model

If you are using your wood burning stoves more than 10 years, then it’s seriously advised to replace it.  The latest environmental stove available in the market emits 90 per cent fewer emission than open fires and 80 per cent fewer than the wood stoves which are used more than 10 years.

In addition to that, the newly designed stoves are more efficient than the existing ones and you will definitely get more heat for your money.

It’s advised to burn dry wood

There are two ways to make your existing wood-burning stoves more environmentally friendly. Before that, you should ensure that your stoves installation is made according to the latest guidelines by the government.

To make your wood stoves more environmentally friendly, it is advised to burn dry woods. By burning good and dry woods, it will produce more heat with less emission of smoke in the environment.

There are some of the government approved stores which consist of ready to burn woods and it only consists of 20 per cent moisture. Try to get it to make your wood stoves environmentally friendly.

Regular chimney sweeping is compulsory

There are about 7000 chimney fires are occurring in England every year due to unmaintained chimneys. So, it is advised to clean the soot out of chimneys which helps you to keep your house cleaner and fresher without smoke.

It is advised to clean your chimney twice a year and compulsorily before the start of the heating season. It is recommended to clean your chimney twice a year to avoid unnecessary fire accidents. You can also take up the advice from the professional chimney sweeps before making your decision to buy the best Environmental Stove or to make your already owned wood stoves more environmentally friendly.

Benefits of Wood burning Stoves over Other Heating Units

There is nothing that gives a homeowner and loved ones comfort than relaxing around a warm and bright fire during the winter season. Many people these days are building homes with well-designed fireplaces. But it is the availability of wood burning stoves that has caught the attention of many aspiring and established investors. The design and technology used to build todays wood burning stoves in unmatched and diverse from what can be found on old-style stove models. Todays, wood burning stove models are great for heating and come with amazing looks. Hence, they are not only excellent for heating homes but also a worthwhile investment.

wood stoves


Benefits of Wood burning Stoves

If out there looking for the best heating unit for your home, don’t hesitate to pick a wood burning stove. Wood stoves standout above other heating units and you will not have any regrets picking one of the available stoves London. Wood is an inexpensive fuel sources and it costs less than natural gases or electricity. Hence, wood offers a better way to save more on fuel and enjoy maximum heating in homes. Go for seasoned wood as it gives you better heat output.


Wood burning stoves also offer a better heating strategy even when you are experiencing electricity shortages. If you reside in an area frequently faced by electricity blackout during the winter, wood stoves offer a better alternative to heat your home and stay warm. Your stove will still warm your house and give your loved ones peace of mind as they enjoy the winter festivals.

Wood burning stoves are also environmentally friendly. We are in the age of eco awareness and many homeowners are looking for the best ways of conserving the environment. Wood stoves providing a great way to heat our homes as well as fulfill your environmental goals. Wood exhibit great carbon neutral benefits as compared to other kinds of fuels. The carbon dioxide emitted when woods burn is also used by plants and they give off oxygen and so it does not pollute the environment. Homeowners also use waste wood for heating purposes and so it does not go to waste or cause water pollution.

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Wood stoves are also easy to install and anywhere in the home meaning that it is easy to zone-heat any room. All you need is a vent transfer heat from the wood stove to desired parts of the home. Hence, a properly working wood stove will replace a central heating system in your home and provide a homely ambiance if properly installed. If having properly install your stove, it is wise to seek stove installation services from a reputed service provider.


Besides giving adequate source of heat ideal for cold climate, wood burning stoves also appeal to eyes. Well-designed and quality wood stoves add style and character to your living spaces. They also become an incredible center of attention to many people who visit your home. In addition, you can purchase a design that also matches your home décor and increase the value of your home. Lastly, it is also easy to maintain wood burning stoves than other heating units. To keep your stove safe and working properly, sweep the chimney regularly to get rid of soot build up. It is recommendable to also use seasoned wood to cut down fireplaces maintenance. Essentially, research extensive as you look for wood stoves London and choose the best model.

Warm Up To a Wood-Burning Stove This Winter

It is not easy these days to go wrong when looking for a wood-burning stove. The number of wood stove designers and sellers are many, and you will find one who will meet your requirements. These wood stoves are designed using the best material and through the best technology in the market. Wood burning stove is what you need if you are looking for a better way to heat your rooms economically. At all times, you have to use the right kind of wood to get the best out of your wood stove.

Wood Stove

Wood burning stoves are a great investment in your home as they add character and traditional aesthetics to your home and cozy warmth. And so, it is wise to go for the best wood stoves London. Choosing the best wood stove in the market may be a challenge, but with the right information, you can easily choose the best in the market. Wood stove are the best for environmentally sensible homeowners. You have to go for wood that does not produce a lot of smoke and is carbon-neutral. This is a clear indication that your wood stove will not contribute to an increase in carbon monoxide in the environment.

It is also advisable to go for wood stoves as they are cheaper than heating with oil, electricity or gas. Go for stoves London designed to use less wood and save more money on heating your home. For your fireplace to stand out, you have to go for wood burning stoves and ensure the wood has dried properly before use. A good wood stove should provide radiant heat from either the top or front sides of the stove. As you choose the best wood stoves in the market, keep in mind that a good stove will complement your home’s interior. Choose a design that will perfectly match your home décor and satisfies their aesthetic requirements.

As you purchase your wood stoves London, consider how often you will be around your home to light the fire and clean the accumulated ash away from your fireplaces. Do not forget that your chimney also needs to be regularly cleaned to keep the fireplace unpolluted and friendly for use. As you buy a wood burning stove, also look the availability of wood or related fuel to your home. If wood is available at affordable rates in your locality, go for a wood stove as it will save your more money and guarantee unmatched home heating.

Choosing the best wood stoves London, should not be a challenge especially if you are well-versed with the UK building regulations that state that a new heating appliance must meet a set minimum efficiency rating. Wood burning stoves in the UK should have a minimum efficiency of 65% and 67% if it includes a boiler. The higher is the efficiency percentage the more efficient the wood stove is for heating your home. Before undertaking the wood stove installation process also consider the size of the room, the layout of your home or room, the size of windows, and age of the property. Don’t forget to purchase your wood stove from a reputed dealer.

Wood Stoves London: Bring Back the Warmth to Your Home

Fireplaces are a very important part of a home in London. For anyone living in a four season’s continent, the warming system in a house becomes a very essential part for supporting not only survival but also the comfort for your family. Wood Stoves London need to be maintained to make sure that it is cleaned and works properly especially to make sure that the stove works properly and the burning process is conducted perfectly to make sure that the volume of warmth is sufficient for the whole room.

The maintenance of wood burning stove is quite difficult to do by your own. You will need a professional help as it needs special equipment and tools to make sure that all parts of the stove are cleaned and replaced when necessary. Wood Stoves is designed to work for a long time as long as the maintenance is done regularly and as long as the unit is taken care of nicely. You can find so many options of wood stove maintenance and services. Mostly the professional service company will only hire the certified technician to make sure that everything is taken care of perfectly.

If you want to buy or make a new fireplace, you can also look for a service of stove installation in London. The installation of the fireplace needs to pay attention on the nature of your home and the interior design of your home. It is to make sure that the wood stoves is complementing your home in term of design and functionality. Besides, the correct installation will also give benefit to the overall look of your home interior. A misplace wood stove is nothing attractive at all. It will give you a pain every time you see it in the corner of your room.

Wood stoves  needs to be installed and maintained by professionals. The ones who are trained and certified so that they make sure they involve you in every discussion and decision needed to make. The technician who understand not only the technique of the wood stove operation but also aware of the artistic side of interior design and most importantly the health of a home.

Thus it is very important that you consult and discuss with the right person regarding this issue. The health of a home is determined by how the sanitation system operates integrated as part of the whole system in the house. It is no difference with the wood stoves  that needs to be concerned as part of the supportive system in your home. So, be sure you choose the high quality stove as well as the trusted company to install and maintain your wood stove in the future.


Advantage Of Installing Wood Burning Stoves And Carbon Monoxide Alarms

If you live in London and love the idea of avoiding the city by working from a home office, well, it’s a great way of working. Even better is an office in the garden – particularly if there’s not much room in the house to dedicate a whole room to your business. A shed or outbuilding can make a perfect office, workshop or any other space for your professional and creative pursuits.

At least it’s fine in the summer. You’re probably put off by the thought of spending all winter in a freezing cold shed. It doesn’t have to be like that, though. If you have an outbuilding, garden shed, workshop or office then a small wood burning stove is a very efficient means of ensuring it is a comfortable workspace all year round.

Wood burning stove – installation

Wood burning stoves installation
Stove Installation

It is important to find a professional firm who can offer stoves installation London. They will make sure everything is safe, meets all the regulations and offers the most efficient means of heating your outbuilding. Otherwise it can be a headache trying to remember and follow all the requirements.

Getting a professional in also makes sure that you’ll have the right size stove fitted. They are very efficient appliances, and even if your outbuilding feels arctic you will only need a small stove to keep it warm – maybe around 5KW. If you use anything bigger you’ll roast!

Advantage of installing carbon monoxide alarms

At Embers Stoves installation London, we will be able to calculate the exact size stove you need, factoring in the size of the space and the level of insulation. Companies will also be able to advise you about any planning permission you might need (applicable in certain areas if you want to install a stove in an outbuilding), installing carbon monoxide alarms, as well as the options for stove in smoke control areas like London.

Once you’re all set up, wood can be a very cheap fuel source – even free. If you’ve got a carpentry business out there you’ll be producing all those wood offcuts anyway. You might as well put them to good use keeping warm!