Advantage Of Installing Wood Burning Stoves And Carbon Monoxide Alarms

If you live in London and love the idea of avoiding the city by working from a home office, well, it’s a great way of working. Even better is an office in the garden – particularly if there’s not much room in the house to dedicate a whole room to your business. A shed or outbuilding can make a perfect office, workshop or any other space for your professional and creative pursuits.

At least it’s fine in the summer. You’re probably put off by the thought of spending all winter in a freezing cold shed. It doesn’t have to be like that, though. If you have an outbuilding, garden shed, workshop or office then a small wood burning stove is a very efficient means of ensuring it is a comfortable workspace all year round.

Wood burning stove – installation

Wood burning stoves installation
Stove Installation

It is important to find a professional firm who can offer stoves installation London. They will make sure everything is safe, meets all the regulations and offers the most efficient means of heating your outbuilding. Otherwise it can be a headache trying to remember and follow all the requirements.

Getting a professional in also makes sure that you’ll have the right size stove fitted. They are very efficient appliances, and even if your outbuilding feels arctic you will only need a small stove to keep it warm – maybe around 5KW. If you use anything bigger you’ll roast!

Advantage of installing carbon monoxide alarms

At Embers Stoves installation London, we will be able to calculate the exact size stove you need, factoring in the size of the space and the level of insulation. Companies will also be able to advise you about any planning permission you might need (applicable in certain areas if you want to install a stove in an outbuilding), installing carbon monoxide alarms, as well as the options for stove in smoke control areas like London.

Once you’re all set up, wood can be a very cheap fuel source – even free. If you’ve got a carpentry business out there you’ll be producing all those wood offcuts anyway. You might as well put them to good use keeping warm!

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