Wood Burning Stoves: What New Rules Need to Follow?

• A million houses in abroad use chimney stoves to heat their house. The warmth must always be maintained. In the current ratio around 38% of air pollution is due to wood burning stoves. Now that the government has started a strict control they are trying to reduce to 30% by the year 2030.

• The green standard stoves are also to be used. These help in many ways like they are denoted with an “eco-friendly” stickers. These stoves are to be made available in general stores. This is to have a good air circulation that burns fast and at a clean note.
• If there is the sticker then it is approved to be used in houses but the capability and ejaculation estimation must be calculated and updated.
• In London, if you are located in the control belt then the buying stove must be DEFRA-approved smoke exempt. This is tested at all stages of operations.
• The few top manufacturers are Stovax, Charlton & Jenrick, Charnwood, and Jøtul. So all stoves that are 10 years old are to be replaced with this eco-friendly model.
• In the present scenario where around 90 percent of emission is controlled than open fires. The emission is 80% less than 10 years old stove.
• These wood stoves are used more than 60% in 2008 and then on the usage has increased gradually. Though it is tough to manage a clean olden wood stove London as the new upgrading is not proved to be a success.
• Rather we can just add filters, that is an electrostatic filter which would cut fine particle emission up to 92 percent.
What does a filter do?
Filter ionizes the particulates and magnets it to the flue wall, then moves to the surrounding ecosystem and only the residues are left which can be cleaned with a chimney sweeps help.
• Then we can burn dry wood. If it is wet the fire ignition time is delayed also the area to be used is very vast. The dry wood emits less smoke and is considered environmentally friendly. In recent times there are ‘Ready-to-use’ woods available in the market that is most commonly preferred by the general public as the exposure to smoke is very much less when compared to regular woods.
• It is very much necessary to sweep the chimneys regularly. Since the government is planning to reduce the smoke emission by 2030. Due to this, there are smoke control areas and those areas it is very much necessary to use a proven stove on less smoke. At the same time, the availability of such stoves has increased as it is available in the market and few outside shops too other than the government sector.
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