Cost effective Renewable heating in london?

In todays world of rising gas prices and a planet that is being stripped of its natural resources. It is no wonder that many people are looking for cost effective, renewable alternatives as heating sources.

A wood burning stove is a perfect start towards both reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering both heating bils and our impact on the planet.

The installation of a high efficiency biomass based appliance into a living room will switch the most energy dependent part of a house`s reliance from fossil fuels to a carbon neutral alternative, almost overnight. furthermore this can be achieved without the massive costs that can be associated with other renewables.

embers fireplaces and stoves have many years experience within the solid fuel market and are one of the most qualified companies in the UK in regards to biomass stoves and installation.  Anyone that has been to our London showroom will have seen our wall of qualification`s.

A good method to drastically reduce your fossil fuel consumption is to install a pellet and wood burning cooker. This will not only cook beautifully in the wood oven but also heat the room that it is sited making the radiators redundant. Embers have chosen the Lohberger range of cookers to accommodate this, hand crafted in Germany this range of contemporary wood cookers are one of the cleanest burning in the world. The amount of fuel used to generate the necessary heat is also very low due to the very clever technology used.

For most however this solution will still be too far and the easiest and most cost effective thing that can be done to reduce reliance on fossil fuels is simply to install a woodburning stove.  embers has a huge range of DEFRA exempt stoves on offer and are not tied in to any particular manufacturer. This means that we can give unbiased advice and you get a huge choice.

If you have interest in other renew-ables then please ask the specialist who attends your site survey and we can talk over how best to make the different technologies work together and what is best for your particular home.

A wood burning stove has several main advantages over an open fire.

  • Open fires are very inefficient typically their efficiencies are less than 20% and in some cases are negative, whereas most of the wood burning stoves on the market today have efficiencies over 75%.  The reason for this is simple hot air rises and as an open fire is sat underneath a hole (chimney ) the hot air rises straight up and out. A wood stove contains these same gases in the fire box until the vast majority of heat has been radiated to the room. Higher combustion temperatures are also achieved as the combustion temperatures are not high enough to burn all of the gasas in the first instance. Inside a stove Oxygen, Heat and fuel are violently mixed together which results in much more of the volatile gases being burned. 
  • Wood burners use much less fuel than there open fire counterparts
  • within a stove fire is contained within a steel or cast iron box making wood-burning stoves very much safer
  • the rate of combustion can be controlled on a stove, open fires always burn at 100% wood burners require a narrower diameter chimney or flue as less flue gases are emitted
  • open fires require a huge additional permanent source of ventilation added to the room. Stoves require only minimal ventilation. This is due to combustion gas requirements and the rate at which fuel is consumed for example: a typical open fire will consume at least 200 m3 of air from the room per hour where a typical wood burning stove would require only 40 m3.
  • The best and most important reason for choosing a stove is because they are very hot and can heat large areas or draughty london houses with ease. Oh and they look good too
the scan anderson 4-5 bestselling stove for embers 2009

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