No Chimney No Problem? Steel chimney systems Pros and Cons

Firstly it is typically easier and much cheaper to install a wood burning stove into a pre existing chimney in most cases. However there are many scenarios where houses have either had there chimney removed or they have not been built with one. It is in these houses when Steel Factory made flue systems come into there own.

It must be considered that a steel chimney system has to play several important roles. These are structure, gas tightness, fire protection, looks, insulation, corrosion resistance and compliance with the building regulations. A typical brick chimney has all of the structure, looks and insulation and in most cases relining the flue will tick the remaining boxes. Making the use of an existing flue much easier and cheaper. In essence a steel chimney must be able to replicate in use a well insulated, lined brick chimney.

Embers fireplace and stoves use steel flue systems from Schiedel and Tona.  The Schiedel offering has a   .5 millimeter internal stainless steel sleeve and is well suited to wood burning applications. This system comes with a manufacturers 10 year guarantee and is an excellent product. 

The Tona Ceramic Chimney System

On the occasion that a superior product will be necessary Embers recommend and use the Tona Ceramic system.  This system would be suitable for wood stoves, smokeless coal, Pellet systems, corn,  Wood chip, situations where a long guarantee would be required ( new builds etc) and for any discerning individual that simply wants the very best for their property. The specifications of the Tona ceramic system are detailed below;

Spec-flue`s Tona  Ceramic is a CE approved twin wall insulated chimney system, suitable for appliances burning modern day fuels including wood pellets, biofuels and solid fuel. The material specification and construction of the product has been designed specifically to withstand very high temperatures and aggressive conditions within the flue caused by slumbering and burning of some fuels.The inner liner is manufactured out of 4mm thick engineered Ceramic, with a high grade mineral wool insulation, encased by a stainless steel outer skin. It is available in three diameters, 130mm, 150mm and 200mm internal diameter including various adaptors, pipes, bends, tees and support components.  
  • 4mm ceramic inner/304 outer stainless steel insulated chimney system
  • Internal and external usage
  • All fuels – including biomass and bio-fuel
  • Residential and commercial installations
  • 30mm insulated cavity
  • Diameters from 130mm to 200mm
  • CE Approved BS EN 13063-1 Designation T450 N1 D3 G50


The design and specification of Spec-flue Ceramic has been tested and meets the requirements of BS EN 13063 part 1. Product designation T450 N1 D3 G50 – 0769-CPD-7039. The product has undergone thermal shock test to 1000ºC (chimney fire conditions) for a period of 30 minutes.

Specflue Tona Ceramic has a guarantee on the ceramic liner for 30 years from date of installation.

Any chimney System including a steel chimney, will require building control consent unless a HETAS registered installer that is qualified in Steel chimney systems is utilised.

The main positive with Standalone chimneys is the fact that they can be positioned in locations that a chimney breast cannot and as such it is often possible to make a design feature of a free standing stove or fireplace which would not otherwise be possible.

The cost of space per Cu ft in London houses is very high and many people have removed chimney breasts to facilitate extra space. A steel chimney can allow a stove to be safely used without the need for a space consuming chimney breast.

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