Charnwood C-Four Wood Burner

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So, you’re looking for a wood stove burner to complement your living room, heat up your house and maybe save on heating bills? There is a vast amount of products and choice out there with varying pricing structure and easiness of installation. Regardless of your choice you will need a professional stove installer in London.

Our list is based on our own experience in installing stoves ion London, popularity, design heat efficiency and quality.

1- Manufacturer – CHARNWOOD  

    Model – C4, C5 (C5 is a great alternative for slightly larger stove)

 wood burning stove


The Charnwood C-Five (C5) Stove is built with landscape proportions, allowing a 12″ log to fit inside comfortably. The C5 will produce 5kW of heat. Available with a low base as standard or with log store (wood store) as an optional extra. The C-Five is one of the best selling small stoves in the UK.


2- Manufacturer – CAPITAL FIREPLACES

    Model-  SCENE 490

 Wood Burning Stove - SCENE 490


It is created in solid 5mm solid cast iron for durability and heat retention, with a new locking system which ensures an airtight seal. Being 5KW the stove does not require additional ventilation in the room and offers up to 80% efficiency in burning. This stove features an air wash system to help protect the glass from soot build up. The Sirius 490 Scene stove features a simple minimalistic design which is an ideal fit to most contemporary designs. It has dual air controls to give you greater control of your burning rate.


3- Manufacturer- HETA

    Model- INSPIRE

 Wood Burning Stove - INSPIRE


The Heta Inspire 45 is a modern 5kW stove and is manufactured in Denmark. This stove is very solid (thick steel) and has an excellent efficiency rating (84%). We added this stove to our site following a particularly high demand for quotes from customers – this being a sure sign that a stove is a potential winner


4- Manufacturer- MORSO

    Model- squirell

Wood burning Stove - MORSO squirellDescriptions:

Morso have taken the Standard Squirrel stove and added cleanburn technology Like the Standard Squirrel stove the Cleanheat version is also a top of the range cast iron stove with a very high heat output for its size.



5- Manufacturer – CHILLI PENGUIN


Wood burning stove - SHORT PENGUIN 


The Short Penguin is available in two models, one door and two door. The additional door is a separate door for the ash pan. Both models use the Chilli Penguin secondary combustion air wash for keeping the glass clean and tertiary air jets to produce a clean burn which offers greater fuel efficiency and less harmful emissions are released into the atmosphere.


Wood burning stoves are an investment in your home and a long term saving on heating bills. Of course the initial purchase is significant, and installation costs can vary depending on the space available and configuration of your living room. We install stoves in London and surrounding areas every day of the week. This means we have sold and installed thousands of stoves in the capital and we can advise you on the best options for your home. We are  HETAS registered specialist in fireplaces and wood burning stoves installation in London.

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In the fast moving high technology world we live in, there are different ways of keeping your home warm.

Wood burning stoves is like using old ways of heating your house (wood burning) with high end new technologies in the latest range of high quality and efficient wood burning stoves. It is an increasingly attractive and economical way of heating your living room and even the entire house and maintain its temperature while keeping the carbon footprint on the lower side. The wood burning stoves London are aesthetically designed, cleaner to operate and more energy efficient. The stoves are specially designed keeping in view the environmental effects. The wood stoves London installers such as Embers help clients every day who make the choice to go for a wood burning stove in their London home.

In comparison to the central heating systems, the wood stoves make your home healthy to breathe in and safe. Central heating systems are based on non-renewable energy resources such as oil, gas or even coal in some countries. Stoves are used in homes, especially the large living rooms and bed rooms for warm and sustainable living, notably keeping carbon emissions at bay.

In the recent years, as the world has started facing energy crisis, and with non-renewable energy resources depleting on a faster rate, building contractors and the architects across construction industry are opting for wood burning stoves London companies such as Embers to make the homes they design heat efficient and non polluting.

Want to know surprising fact? Wood burning stoves are capable of heating water using the back boiler, and this eventually means that the quantity of electricity, or gas or oil required for heating radiators or water in your home is much less than your current consumption.

The wood required for burning in the stoves could be reclaimed wood, which has been dumped during any construction projects. However, it is important that the collected wood is untreated and unpainted, or otherwise it could pollute the environment.

Wood burning stoves has double advantage over the burning of wood out in open. The stoves are built in such a manner that with minimum quantity of wood and carbon emissions, the heat generated is quite high. In several models of wood burning stoves, the gas emissions from burning wood are quickly sent back straight into the stove and subsequently burnt.

The quantity of carbon produced from wood while it is burnt is considerably less in relation to coal and other fossil fuel. It is interesting to find that the quantity of carbon released on burning wood is approximately the same as the quantity of carbon removed from the atmosphere.

In general, the wood used comes from various sustainable sources, where a sapling is planted for every tree, which has been cut for use in stoves. In comparison to traditional open fire, wood burning stoves produce three times more heat, which is sufficient enough to warm up vast sections of your home if not all of it.

If you are thinking of keeping the interiors of your beautiful home warm and composed, wood burning stoves could be one of the healthy, clean and reliable options you are going to have, over the electrically driven central heating systems. Contact us today to discuss your options.