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Much has been made in recent times of the pollution level figures in London and the role in which the stove industry has played in these figures. Away from the headline grabbing newspapers feeding distorted information and facts it is time for some honest hard truths to be aired. Aside from mentioning the super massive… Read more »

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It’s incredible that the mayor of London is able to attack and attribute the wood burning stove London Industry for their short falls in coming to terms with the air pollution levels of London. Did London not record it’s highest ever pollution readings for the month of June this year? Maybe this was due to… Read more »

Charnwood C-Four Wood Burner

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So, you’re looking for a wood stove burner to complement your living room, heat up your house and maybe save on heating bills? There is a vast amount of products and choice out there with varying pricing structure and easiness of installation. Regardless of your choice you will need a professional stove installer in London…. Read more »

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In the fast moving high technology world we live in, there are different ways of keeping your home warm. Wood burning stoves is like using old ways of heating your house (wood burning) with high end new technologies in the latest range of high quality and efficient wood burning stoves. It is an increasingly attractive… Read more »